Fleet Maintenance Software

Shop Watch

SHOPWATCH™ Mechanic Activities Tracking

Keep constant tabs on productivity with Management Task boards showing you exactly what each mechanic is working on. ShopWatch displays a to-the-second snapshot of what service each mechanic is currently working on as well as the elapsed time for each service. When a mechanic is not working on a service, the task board indicates his current status i.e. out to lunch, in class etc.

ShopWatch provides the following functionality:

  • All employees can easily record when they begin (and end) each type of job-related activity for true payroll time keeping.
  • Mechanics can easily record when they start (and end) different types of actions (usually services) on a Work Order.
  • Mechanics or administrative personnel can specify the status of intervals of time during the life of a Work Order.
  • Management personnel can observe the type of work activity each employee is engaged in at any given time.
  • Shop administrative personnel can monitor the current status of each incomplete Work Order including the history from the time it was opened.
  • ShopWatch reports permit analysis of such things as personnel work activities and workflow through the shop.
  • Although standard set up options such as Payroll Status codes and Work Order Status codes are distributed with the system, each organization can further customize these to fit the requirements of its operational environment.