Fleet Maintenance Software

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Apply Asset Replacement and other fees. Send cost or billing data to external accounting system

Assign Complex Account Codes – One-time definition of account code paradigms can contain multiple segments derived from a variety of sources.

Asset Replacement Tracking – Reserve Asset Replacement fees based upon useful life of equipment and anticipated replacement costs. This push button process shows you all factors at a glance for each piece of equipment and permits mid-life adjustments to correct for a changing economy. You can even export the assessments to an external accounting system.

Maintenance Fee Billing – Optionally bill for maintenance on the basis of a fixed monthly fee to cushion departments or clients against peaks in maintenance expense. Then, export the fees to an external accounting system.

Cost Per Mile Billing – Optionally bill for equipment usage on the basis of a fixed cost per mile. And, export the fees to an external accounting system.

Parts Inventory Financial Management – Export parts receipt costs and over-the-counter parts sales to an external accounting system.

Bill for Fuel Usage – Apply manually entered fuel tags or imports from cardlock fuel costs to organizational entities. Cardlock fuel imports that lag behind actual disbursement are matched to the date range that equipment is assigned to each department.

Export Accounting data from other subsystems – In addition to billing sources listed above, data from other sub-systems such as work orders, outside work performed by vendors, motor pool and parts purchase order receipts can be exported to an external accounting system.

Data Integrity Controls – Accounting data can be analyzed and corrected before export and then locked to prevent subsequent change or re-exporting.